Director & Co-Producer: Gautam Sonti
Producers: Rani Day Burra & Chitti Prabhala

Filmed over four years and using archival footage and photographs, the film is a microcosm of a nation on the move.  It chronicles the stories of three families as they migrate in search of education, employment, or simply a place to retire.  These three journeys - three intertwined stories of migration and settlement, of attachment and loss - are linked by an apartment in Mumbai.
Those who’ve moved on seem to coexist with those who come after.  Past, present, and future come together in surprising ways.  The film traces the trajectories of these migrating families, set against the backdrop of a moving, changing nation.  
At a time when migrant workers in India have faced unimaginable hardships, one is apt to forget the perennial and universal need of having a place to call home.